Manjari Jain

A home maker and social worker. She is a voracious reader and a melodious singer. In the 1990's she was an active member with Kiwani's club, book club called Abhivyakti and YWCA club of Delhi. She is the founder member of a ladies club called Maitri and pursues her hobby of singing with friends in Sur Sukoon. Manjari has participated and volunteered in many charitable activities and fund raisers for the respective clubs. She has been in the school of Pranic healing for almost 17 to 18 years. In the last 10 years, she has given many orientations representing the school in various organisations thereby aiding in increasing the awareness of the same. She has also translated few of Master's books in Hindi. Today, she pursues her true calling of spreading the teachings of Pranic healing in the capacity of a Pranic Healing Trainer. She is grateful to the Almighty and the Guru to allow her to be a medium of light.

Nidhie A Data

A B.Com (Hons) student, who also explored Jewellery designing & Jewellery Manufacturing but actually found her passion when she came in touch with spirituality. She was instrumental in starting the Pranic Healing foundation in Rajasthan. Nidhie is a founding trustee of the GMCKS foundation of Rajasthan and continues to serve the foundation as one. Ever since, spreading the teachings of Pranic healing has been the fulcrum of her life. She acts as a powerful channel to spread the work across the state. She is happy to steer the CSR initiatives of the family business that is the prestigious Data group of companies. As a young mother, she initiated the Kids Club(2004-2014) followed by YoungBMinds(2015-18); two groups catering to enlightening young children. She has also been the Chairperson of the prestigious, FICCI ladies organisation of Jaipur for the year 2011-12.

Ritika Data

A Pranic Healing Trainer. She has been spreading meditation to schools, corporates and children. She looks forward to empowering young minds with goodness and spirituality. Over the years she has helped many individuals into battling their obstacles in life and elieving in their true potential with the help of her innate knowledge of subtle energies. She has been a trustee at the Rajasthan foundation from 2011 to 2013. She is founder of her company Wonderland that has hosted various dynamic events for children like fairs , exhibitions and plays giving many a platform to showcase their inner aptitude and build better self confidence and esteem. She is director at data group of companies and manages the marketing division for Ashoka edible oil.

She is the founder of the premium cold pressed oils brand SUTR.